Personal digital and FM systems for the hearing impaired.

Domino Classic
Domino Classic $495.00 HC-DOMINO/C Quantity:
Domino Classic with Neckloop
Domino Classic with Neckloop $715.00 HC-DOMINO/C-NKL Quantity:
Domino Classic
Domino Pro $795.00 HC-DOMINO Quantity:
Conversor® Pro Personal FM System
Conversor® Pro Personal FM System $775.00 HC-CONVERSORPRO Quantity:
Conversor® TV Pro
Conversor® TV Pro $299.00 HC-TVPRO Quantity:
Williams Sound® Digi-Wave™ Kit 1
Williams Sound®
Digi-Wave&trade Kit 1
$865.00 WS-DWSPLS1 Quantity:
Williams Sound® Digi-Wave™ Kit 2
Williams Sound®
Digi-Wave&trade Kit 2
$1,366.00 WS-DWSPLS2 Quantity:

Personal FM Systems for the hearing impaired.

FM systems transmit sound via radio waves on designated frequencies, typically 72 to 76MHz.

A transmitter pulls in the sound from a microphone—either built-in or attached—then sends the signal to a receiver.
Plug in headphones, earphones, or a neckloop if you have a t-coil equipped hearing aid, and control the volume and tone coming from the transmitter.

Personal Digital Systems

Digital systems work like FM systems but transmit sound over digitally encrypted channels, making conversations more secure. They're ideal for courtrooms or other scenarios where privacy is extremely important.

Many of our FM/digital systems for the hearing impaired have a built-in microphone on the receiver so you can control the sound coming from both the transmitter and the receiver. You can amplify the speaker's voice, and the voices of those directly around you, for example, in a classroom.

Both FM and digital systems allow for a range of around 75 to 100 feet, depending on which unit you purchase. They transmit through walls and ceilings, and are ideal for classrooms, lectures, churches, meetings, etc.

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